Forklift Licence

TLILIC0003 Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck

Course Overview

This training program provides candidates with the skills and knowledge required to operate a forklift truck safely in accordance with all relevant legislative requirements.

The course costs for $450. Deposit payment of $200 is available.


Course Outline

• Components, controls and features of forklifts and their functions

• Operating principles and operating methods

• Load shifting processes and procedures including work platforms

• Principles of the safe removal of obstacles and hazard from the workplace

• The hazard control measures with elimination, substitution, isolation and engineering control measures being selected before safework practices and personal protective equipment

• Workplace communication procedures

• Obtain licenses and permits e.g. if forklift is to be driven on a public road

• Demonstrate safe and environmentally responsible workplace practices

• Electrical hazards


This program has been designed to assess a person’s competence in accordance which include requirements in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations. The assessment will consist of a written assessment and a practical demonstration with a Forklift Truck.


Upon successful completion of this course, each participant will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment and a SafeWork NSW issued National Licence to Perform High Risk Work (class LF).

Duration: It is recommended that this course be conducted with a maximum of 8 participants over two days.


The course attracts the fee of $450.

You can pay a deposit of $200 to secure your seat.

Forklift License and All About It

A forklift license is considered to be a certificate that indicates whether the employee has been trained and evaluated by the employer and has the ability to operate the truck safely.

It is needed mainly by the OSHA in order for the employer to certify the training sessions. The forklift license is insurance which is used by the employer in order to show that the particular employee has been certified in order to operate a forklift in the particular application.

The certification basically includes the name of the truck operator, the training date as well as the evaluation, and finally the identity of the person who has performed the forklift training and evaluation as well.

The OSHA standard needs employers in order to certify that all the trainers are trained and evaluated. In this content we will describe how you can become a forklift certified employee and some details about it.

How to Become a Forklift Certified?

The process of being certified is mainly based on who provides the training. It is a formal instruction or even and educational training course as well as videos.

It has written materials as well as study guide along with educational information which is provided to the employee based on the fork feed operation and safety measures.

It requires certain hands-on training sessions that will take place at the warehouse location and the training has to be completed by the people or the employees who have certain knowledge as well as the required training and

Once the training is completed there should be an evaluation of the operator performance in the workplace itself and the training that has been given should meet OSHA 1910. 178 standards. On the other hand, it should cover all the related topics to the forklift.

There are some common questions that are asked about forklift certification which includes how to get a forklift license? The dealers are capable of providing a very comprehensive program for training which addresses all the fundamentals as well as the advanced knowledge in the field of forklift safety. As mentioned earlier it is the sole responsibility of the employer in order to make sure the operator is capable of handling all the equipment and also can operate any type of truck.

On the other hand, the forklift dealer has the ability to provide a different material during the certification training process which is based on the particular truck lift that all the operators will use while they work in their workplace.

Is There Any Written Test Certificate Test for Forklift?

It should be mentioned that there is a written test which is open given in order to evaluate as well as to approve that the operator is trained and has the desired knowledge in order to operate and also to lift a truck.

Specifically, the written test is not required by the OSHA but they can be certain forms where it will be required in order to get the certificate.

Written test is considered to be one of the easiest test for the process of evaluation. So if you are asked to give a written test there is nothing to worry about.

Do You Need a Forklift License in Australia?

To answer this question, we should say that yes. You are required to have a national high risk work license or the forklift license in Australia. You are required to be trained as well as assessed by the employer who is at a registered training organization.

As soon as you get your license you will be able to work in warehouses and you can also apply for transport positions easily. There are certain easy steps by which you can apply for a forklift license. The steps are mentioned as below such as:

Step 1: At this stage you require to enroll in a forklift training course along with a registered training organization. You should be asking certain questions to the organization before starting your training such as how many years are they running the program and what are the average size of their classes?

Step 2: You will be required in order to undergo certain training and it is a part of your training course. Once you complete the course you will easily issue a statement of attainment as well as a notice of assessment by the organization.

Step 3: It will take around 60 days for the high risk work license in order to be processed and in case you do not receive your license within the timeframe mentioned then you should enquire from the respective people.

Forklift Licence in Australia

Are There Any Prerequisites for You to Get a Forklift License in Australia?

There are certain prerequisites said you should meet in order to be eligible for forklift license in Australia such as:

You should be at least 18 years old.

You should have a basic English knowledge.

You will require 100 identification points.

The duration of the forklift license course highly depends on the level of experience you have. For beginners the course takes around 2 days and for the experienced operators the course takes one day.

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Obtaining a forklift license in Australia differs from other countries. The training process is identical but the authority that issues the forklift license in Australia is different.

In Australia it is really the work cover or work safe that issues their license but in other countries it is mainly the training school or even the center issuing the license.

If you plan to apply for the forklift training in Australia, you should know that it is done by and rolling in a course that is offered by the registered training organization you should be able to prove that you can obtain 100 points and it is very strict.

You should approve that you can open 100 points if you desire to obtain a forklift license. In the case of forklifts rock the license is nearly given to those who have undergone certain training on the forklift truck or even other machines that are equipped with a mast and have the ability to elevate the carriage along with the pair of fork arms.

License training of forklift has two sections. The first part consists of classroom training which is considered to be a very effective way of delivering theoretical knowledge to all the participants.

It takes few hours in order to complete the course and it depends on the type of the forklift that the participant desire to train on.

The second part on the other hand is very crucial due to the fact that it displays the confidence of the participants during driving the actual truck.

Learning and performing at the same time during this course is very important. Before you apply for the course it is better to read the theoretical topics about the forklift driving and the basic controls.

It would be very helpful if you consider taking classroom lectures as well.

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